Cabbage Crik
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Cabbage Crik 2009
photo by Bernadine Carey Tucker

C A B B A G E  C R I K
(from left ro right)

Don "Buck" Lemke - guitar, vocals,
Gary Kuitert - mandolin, dobro, vocals,
John Vrieling - Drums and Bass,
Michael Smith - banjo, vocals,
Mark Schrock - bass, harmonica, fiddle, vocals


Cabbage CrikWelcome to the website for Cabbage Crik, west Michigan's favorite bluegrass/cowboy/swing band.

'The Crik' had a steady string of gigs and tours in the mid and late 1970's, garnering a legion of fans in their backyard and across the country. After several successful reunion appearances in 2009 and 2012, the band is now available on a limited basis for special events and concerts.

Members of the 'Road Gang' may wish to check in at the Fans of Cabbage Crik Facebook page for some fun photos of recent gigs and photos from 'back in the day'.

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